Programming contains various types - even with a single program, different types of programming skills may be what is needed. It makes - for example - a difference whether to create a frontend or coding some backend features.

prgramming webpages

Coding webpages may even be divided into different parts. Visitors of a webpage usually see the frontend, i.e. the most visible part of a webpage. Therefor usually graphics need to be created and of course various text snippets. Most often this part of the website is connected with the so called backend, a part that is usually accessible for site owners, webmasters and people caring for the site but not the "casual" visitor. The whole page may be linked to a database to store and retrieve data dynamically. These days it is almost impossible setting up a good, lively and most interesting page by only static material. But in any case you need to set up webspace, store the needed texts, graphics and other data. It does not matter whats still to do with your page - we can help you with your website to get it ready for tomorrow. Please talk to us!

programming desktop applications

Actually there is not so much difference between a dektop application and a website. Both need a backend and many applications in a business also offer a backend. But most often this is not clearly realized because all stuff is handled within the same file and "window". Sometimes desktop applications offer various APIs to exchange data with other applications. Also in creating and maintaining desktop applications as well as there APIs we can offer support for your projects. It does not matter whether to create a new software "from scratch" or to add new features or change features in an existing application. We love to care! Even in the case you need to migrate your data from one to another application and therefore need to re-format all your data we can help you creating such a "bridge". In any case - please don't hesitate to contact us.

programming apps

Apps for smartphones or tablets getting more and more popular. In the beginning apps where more like a "desktop application served on a smartphone" but meanwhile the trend is heading more torwars webbased HTML5 applications. It seems to be more platform independent and thus reduces building and maintaining costs while still being accessible to more potential users. But no matter whether to talk about classical apps or webbased programming - simply send us an email and let's talk about!

database programming

Databases most likely do not run as a standalone application. They are embedded into other applications or websites. Nevertheless a database must be creating once and sometimes it is even necessary migrating data to a new database. Because database programming covers a wide range of different programming aspects we offer more specific information on an extra page. But anyway we love to here about your projects and how we can support you, Simply send us an email.

game programming

Again one needs to differenciate between classical desktop games and games based on webbrowser-served content. Yet we take care only for our own game projects but for all information about our own materials as well as game programming in general we created an extra page.

your game concept / game idea

You have a great game idea and need support bringing your game to life or simply need a small game jazzing up your website? Simply write us an email!