Welcome to eproi.eu - THE site for advice, programming and maintenance for your softwares, databases and websites

Mainly we focus our offers on building individual software solutions for online based content (i.e. websites, desktop programs that communicate with internet services or websites) as well as offline softwares (such as desktop programs or server-sided services).

Not in every case you need a fully new-designed software. Sometimes even a small add on will do the trick.

But maybe there isn't a suitable software at the market right now. Or you target just on switching from one file format to another.

Possibly your problem is not a complete new software project? Or it just deals with a databaes, that has been grown over the time. Now it is simply filled with even more content. Somehow nobody took care of the database structures over the time. But also in the area of database programming - no matter if it is just about doing some fixes on existing databaes or a completely new database - we support you at all this scenarios with pleasure.

Also new laws or contracts may force you to change well-known methods of your software. Mostly this will also cause a change in your programs or even in supplying new software.

All those cases - and of course any other cases we haven't thought of shortly in here - we do our best to give you help, advice, do the programming or maintanance your softwares including quality assurance. Contact us most likely via email.

More information about the projects we did so fare you can find on the site References.

More information about all programming themes in particular and what we offer you can find in the subsites which you can visit via the list next to this text or the menu above.